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AYETEE was established in 2010 to help home computer users who had problems with their computers. Customers were often people who had no one else to help them.


Trevor started the business, visiting people in their homes in a relaxed and customer friendly style to sort out computer problems that they were having. We know and understand how very frustrating it can be when things go wrong and there is no one else who can help. It can also be rather expensive and time consuming to have to take your computer to a high street store or be loaded with technical jargon that makes you feel intimidated and unsettled. Additionally since computers and other devices are personalised it isn't always practical or preferable to take them to a store. The convenience of having somebody you know and can trust to come to you and carry out repairs or provide necessary  assistance in a professional and friendly manner must have appealed ... and so the business has grown over the years!


As a result Ayetee has extended its services to include home businesses and medium sized firms and schools. We continue to place high importance on delivering an excellent service with understanding and expertise.

Why us?

Having been around since 2010 our skills and expertise have developed and continue to grow,  helping provide an effective and excellent service to repair and support problems with  computers as well as phones and tablets. Our experience over the years has developed not only technical expertise but also understanding of the issues and difficulties that the end user (that's you!) faces. This helps us to deliver solutions in a manner that helps customers feel valued and supported.

In a fast paced, constantly changing environment having access to the expertise of an approachable, technically minded and supportive expert can, we believe, be of great assistance!

If you are looking for somebody to assist you with any of your IT devices whether you are a home user or a business please give us a call or contact us via our contact form.

About Us

You can rely on Ayetee for computer support and repairs
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