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We like to be good at what we do

There are many different needs and types of problems that require experts to fix and so we offer services tailored to benefit you the user. Here are a some of the varies types services we provide. Do call us if you have a particular question as you may find we can help.

Home Users

Computer usage has evolved over the years and the old desktop has been replaced by more light weight devices like laptops, mobile phones, iPads and other tablets. Data management of all our content has changed too as the storage of these light weight devices are small in comparison to the desktop. We offer support that includes tutorials on how to use these devices, how to store data, how to protect your data, repair computers, laptops and devices (which includes screen repairs), remove malware and virus and we also assist in moving content from one device to another. Our expertise includes all the major operating systems in use: Microsoft, Mac, Linux and Android. All this can be conveniently  done in your home and at an affordable price.

Business Users

Ayetee can provide a complete service to business customers both for desktop users as well as networks and servers. We support Microsoft, Apple and Linux desktops and servers. Servers and desktops can be custom built to order. We can install a network infrastructure, lay cable or set up wireless access points. Servers can also be set up to allow access from anywhere so that when you are on the road on business you can still get access to your files and data, quickly and securely.
As consultants we come to your office or work place and provide the support on-site. If you’re a small or medium sized company you can save time and costs of having a dedicated IT department, by having a technical IT engineer and consultant just a phone call away.

Data management

Data is the primary reason we use computer systems. It holds all our valuable data, from spreadsheets, contacts, music, videos, photos and just about anything useful and valuable to us. Few realise this until something goes wrong. We can help you assess your requirements and create a robust backup and recovery plan that will prevent permanent loss of your data and fast and reliable recovery in the event of disaster striking. There are many different options available  and so choosing which one suits you the best can be a daunting process. With our expertise we could assist you choose the best plan for your requirements and one which gives you the peace of mind knowing that you data is safe and recoverable. All this means that if disaster strikes,  you can be back up and running again as soon as possible!

Gaming machines & custom builds

Games are best played on the PC! Nothing beats the power of owning a top-of-the-range processor and graphics card, to really get engulfed in the enjoyment of game play!  PC's provide an experience of  full detail of gaming software, much more than X boxes and Play Stations, explaining why true gamers love the PC!

We build Desktop PCs, tailor-made to suit your gaming expectations. No one likes glitches and poor frame rates so building a machine to modern specifications is what it is all about, to maximise your enjoyment. As machine builds are tailored to your specifications please give us a call if you wish to find out more about what we can offer you.

We also build desktop PCs for businesses and home users.

CCTV, security & surveillance

Vandalism and theft can cause substantial loss, anxiety and unnecessary inconvenience.
At Ayetee we can set up and install a security system that can monitor your property and notify you of any incident in real time as it happens.
You can have peace of mind on holiday abroad or when you are away from your premises with cameras always watching and recording every moment.
You can receive notifications on almost any device that is attached to the Internet, anywhere in the world.
All incidents can be recorded and played back as evidence. (As the saying goes, the camera never lies!)

Consider investing in a security system to reduce anxieties linked to safety and security of your property.

Networking and mobility

Smaller devices now mean that computers can be totally mobile and we can operate them from anywhere. Smart phones and tablets allow remote access to all content you have from anywhere and to store data from a remote location. Business tools can be literally 'in your hands' all the time, helping to get more done in less time. Finding what solution is best for you and your situation is something we can offer:  If your business is on the road or even making use of CRM (customer relations management software) we can assist you set up, prepare or upgrade to allow your business to operate from anywhere.

If you are looking for networking solutions we can assist by providing either a WiFi solution or laying cables so that your systems can all be connected together for data sharing and effective communication.

You can rely on Ayetee for computer support and repairs
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